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Thanks for your donations! 
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Currently I do not have "non-profit" status through the IRS for the development of Fetch Art.  I am investigating creating a non-profit organization so that I can collect donations tax free.  If you have experience that could assist me in creating an achieving 503c tax exemption status (to become an official non-profit organization within the state of Arizona) please email me. 

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A message from Aric Friesen the developer of Fetch Art:

The reception I have gotten from the latest version of Fetch Art has been great.  Fetch Art is a free application for people to use and enjoy.  There is no obligation to make a donation.  However, after well over 100,000 downloads, I'm hoping some of you enjoy it enough, or want compatibility enough with the newest Mac OS X releases as they come out, that you'll feel a small donation is worthwhile. 

Thanks for the donations.  Aric Friesen